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The Kestrel: Elevate Your Game 

Introducing the Kestrel Series Pickleball Paddle—the ultimate choice for professional-level play. Skillfully crafted with precision and finesse, this premium paddle will help you unleash your full potential on the court.

Take flight with the Kestrel and dominate the court like never before. Order yours today and join the ranks of professionals who settle for nothing less than the best.

Dimensions: (W) 7.4" x (L) 16.4" x (D) 0.5"(14mm)

Handle Length : 5.75" Circumference : 4.125"
Weight: 8.2 oz.

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Quantity: Single - 1x
Color: Pacific

The Kestrel takes your game to a whole new level

Setting the Pace

Designed and Shaped in close collaboration with local 5.0 PRO players. So you can always play your best.

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Slimmer Paddle Face

A narrower paddle face improves the aerodynamic travel and effectively gives you a faster and more responsive swing. Allows for more focused hits.

Longer Paddle Handle

Extended handle designed specifically for a two-handed grip. It not only provides you with significantly enhanced power but also elevates your level of control on the court.

Longer Paddle Face

The extended paddle face generously expands your striking surface and greatly amplifies your sweet spot. For those moments when you need to make extended reaches with precision and control on the court.


Taylor G.

Taylor talks about the unmatched control with the Kestrel paddle, ensuring confident and accurate shots every time.

Suitable for all skill levels and boasting the maximum surface grit permitted by USAPA, it truly stands out in the high-end paddle market

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Matt C.

My first trial with the paddle, I loved its grip that resulted powerful swings and significant top spin.

My serves were more consistent, and the dink shots had great control. The paddle's weight was ideal and comparable to other paddles I've used.

Overall, I'd rate it between 9 to 10, being on par with other top-tier paddles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it USAPA approved?

Yes. All of our paddles go through the approval process.

What makes it a "Pro" paddle?

The paddle's design, with its slimmer width, extended length, and slightly increased weight, results in a greater swing weight.

This translates to more precise and forceful shots. When wielded by a skilled player, this design leads to precise ball control and desired shot outcomes.

Why the longer handle?

A longer handle provides the advantage of a two-handed grip control, enhancing stability, power, and precision in shots. This grip enables greater leverage and control, making it easier to manipulate the ball and deliver impactful plays on the court.