Bird Pickleball Warranty Page

Bird Pickleball's Lifetime Pledge to You

At Bird Pickleball, each paddle we craft carries a promise. A promise born from meticulous engineering, scrupulous manufacturing, and a dedication to unparalleled quality. We believe that your Bird Paddle should not just meet, but exceed your every expectation—an unwavering benchmark of performance and longevity.

In short: should our Bird Paddle falter, we don't make excuses—we make it right.

We pledge to refund, repair, or replace your Bird Paddle for the duration of its life with the original owner. This guarantee is even transferable to new owners who simply need to register the warranty upon acquisition (registration page forthcoming).

This warranty covers material defects, workmanship, manufacturing issues, and normal wear and tear!

Warranty Specifics:

• Within 60 days of receipt: Full refund or equal-value replacement with complimentary return shipping (for US Domestic orders only. International orders cover return shipping).

• From 60 to 180 days: Return the product to us (customer covers shipping) and exchange it for another paddle of equal value.

• After 180 days: Return the paddle and submit a $25 processing fee to exchange for another paddle or an equal-value Bird or GRIP6 product.

Begin the return/replacement process by emailing, attaching a photo of the paddle, and providing your order number (or checkout email).

The Exclusions:

We'll gladly replace worn-out paddles, but we cannot cover damage arising from misuse or neglect. Frustrations on court, while understandable, do not justify intentional damage, and such instances are not covered. Lost or stolen paddles or paddles damaged through neglect or extraordinary wear and tear are also excluded. Yet, should you find yourself in such an unfortunate circumstance, share your tale of pickleball misadventure (with photos), and we'll see how we can help.