Falcon Elite - Ergo

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Set: Single - 1x
Color: Original

Introducing the Falcon Elite - Ergo Pickleball paddle! Its innovative ergonomic design is perfect for those who want to try something new and gain a competitive edge.

Stop twisting your wrist with every hit.  Get optimal backhand shots, solid fore-hand slams, and have full confidence on those low awkward saves.  

Dare to step up your game with the new Falcon Elite ergonomic Pickleball paddle.

Dimensions: (W) 8" x (L) 16" x (D) .5"(14mm)
Weight: 8.5 oz.

Set: Single - 1x
Color: Original

The "Pistol Grip" Ergo paddle delivers MAX POWER

The bend in the handle allows you to lock your wrist, transferring loss-less energy to your swing

Modern Tech, Built right in

Expertly crafted from industry-leading materials for unmatched performance.

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Honeycomb Polypropylene Core

14mm Polypropylene honeycomb core, with each core set at a 8mm diameter for optimal rigidity and superior lightweight performance.

UV Printed Graphics

We use a ultra-violet printing process for Unrivaled Vibrancy, Long-Lasting Durability, and Ultimate Protection.

Maximum Regulation Texture

After numerous iterations, we've mastered the art of maximizing surface friction—right up to the edge of what's permitted by the USAPA governing body. Elevate your game with our meticulously engineered paddle surface!

PVC Edge Protection

Utilizing industry-leading edge banding and fortified with high-strength adhesive, we've meticulously crafted a paddle that not only feels unified but also performs as a seamless, solid piece. Experience unparalleled cohesion and durability, designed to elevate your gameplay!

4-Layer Ultra Rigid Carbon Fiber

Engineered with an intricate unidirectional multi-layer design, our paddle features 4 layers of Ultra-Rigid T700 carbon fiber on each side, amounting to an unparalleled total of eight layers.

This advanced construction doesn't just promise durability and longevity; it ensures an exceptional, lossless transfer of power back to the ball. The result? A paddle that offers consistently responsive performance and gameplay superiority.

The Ergo - Falcon Elite

Cassie H.

Cassie raves about how effortlessly she adapted to its innovative design.

With this paddle in hand, Cassie noticed her volleys becoming crisper, keeping the ball lower and closer to the net.

She also discovered that her overhead hits were more precise, her placements exuded confidence, and her angle hits were sharper than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it USAPA approved?

Yes. It was approved before we even launched it and now is being used in tournaments across the nation.

Why the weird shape?

It started off to solve the problem of elbow and wrist fatigue; but we quickly realized the other benefits of its unique shape.

Is there learning curve?

Internally, we've found that on average it takes about 2 games to start to get used to it. And we've found that to be about the same from the feedback we get from our customers.

What if it's not for me?

We don't expect everyone to prefer the shape, and so we offer an easy no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee!

So ahead and try it out RISK-FREE!! and if its not for you, we'll take it back at no cost to you.