Ball Hawk - Classic

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Set: Single - 1x
Color: Original

Experience the confidence and power of Ball Hawk pickleball paddles. Its 8-layer (4 on each side) T700 carbon fiber design and ultra rigid construction provide unbeatable power and control, making it the perfect paddle choice for experienced pickleball players!

Dimensions: (W) 8" x (L) 16" x (D) 0.5"(14mm)
Handle Length: 4.75" Circumference: 4.375"
Weight: 8 oz.
Swing Weight: 108 kg*cm^2

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Set: Single - 1x
Color: Original

A tried and true classic

Matt D.

Loves the power and control of the paddle, specifically speaks to the sweet spot expansion due to the rigidity delivered by the many layers of carbon fiber.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it USAPA approved?

Yes. All of our paddles go through the approval process.

Is this a beginner paddle?

It's designed for a beginner to intermediate skill level due to its slightly wider face, which enhances forgiveness in your gameplay.

What if it's not for me?

We don't expect everyone to prefer the shape, and so we offer an easy no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee!

So ahead and try it out RISK-FREE!! and if its not for you, we'll take it back at no cost to you.